NEBOSH International General Certificate - IGC (in association with Accredited Course Provider 923 Sustainable Business Solutions)

Training Contents

The complete qualification consists of three units; IGC1, GC2 and GC3 

IGC 1: Management of International H & S

  1. Foundations In Health & Safety 
  2. Health & Safety Management Systems - Plan
  3. Health & Safety Management Systems - Do
  4. Health & Safety Management Systems - Check
  5. Health & Safety Management Systems - Act


GC 2: Control of International Workplace Hazards

  1. Workplace Hazards and Risk Control 
  2. Transport Hazards and Risk Control 
  3. Musculoskeletal Hazards and Risk Control 
  4. Work Equipment Hazards and Risk Control 
  5. Electrical Safety 
  6. Fire Safety 
  7. Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk Control 
  8. Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and Risk Control 


GC 3: International Health & Safety Practical Application  


What kinds of people take the IGC?

People throughout the world take the NEBOSH IGC because it gives them the skills and knowledge to fulfill their health & safety responsibilities in any country and in any kind of organization.


What does the course cover?

IGC covers a range of workplace hazards ad methods to control, implementation standards for safety & health management and a practical workplace assessment.


What will you gain from IGC?

§  Knowledge – IGC will give you vital knowledge to help you perform better at work

§  Enjoyment – You’ll enjoy as you’ll discover skills and techniques that are useful and practical.

§  Achievement – it’s a qualification that people from all parts of the world are proud to have achieved.

§  Recognitions – NEBOSH qualifications are what employers ask for more than any other.

Career Development – For same, the IGC is a first step towards a life-long career in health and safety. For others, it form part of an important set of qualifications that bring them success and advancement.


How is the course assessed?

Candidates are assessed by written examination.


Assessment & Certification


  • Two written papers: IGC 1 & GC 2

 Each paper is two hours and contains one long question (20 marks) and ten short questions (8 marks each). 


  • GC3 Practical Application:

 One written safety inspection (observations) and one written management report to be completed and submitted by each student along with declaration form stating that this is candidate’s own work within one week after the written exams


All three units, IGC 1, GC 2 and GC 3 need to be passed by a candidate for an award to be made and a candidate will received three unit certificates and one parchment certificate. Certificates are awarded by NEBOSH itself.


Pass Marks: 

  • IGC1 and GC2 - 45% each for a pass
  • GC3 - 60% for a pass

 The level of award is made by adding the marks from each unit: 150 - 179 is a Pass; 180 - 209 is a Credit and 210 + is a Distinction


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