ISO 22000 FSMS Lead Auditor Course

Who Should Attend

This Course is designed for:

  • CEO’s / Directors
  • Food Safety Assurance Managers
  • Management Representatives
  • Aspirant First, Second and Third party auditors
  • ISO 22000 :/ HACCP Implementation Teams
  • Individuals who want to become Registered Lead Auditor
  • Consultant
  • Personnel who wish to pursue a career in the field of Food Safety management

Learning Objective 
By the end of the course delegate will be able to:

  • Understand The purpose of FSMS
  • Apply the requirements of ISO 22000
  • Develop HACCP Plan
  • Plan and conduct an audit
  • Report an audit
  • Undertake audit follow-up activities
  • Prepare and advice their organization before third party assessment.
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of their organization’s Food Safety management system.

Course Techniques 
This highly participative course is a practically based series of sessions using tutorials, case studies, interactive workshops, individual exercises, group activities, role plays and open forum discussions.

Key Contents
This FIVE-DAY course provides an understanding and knowledge of ISO 22000 / HACCP and ISO 19011.

  • Food Safety Management System
  • The Audit Process
  • Auditor and Lead Auditor Activities
  • Audit Skills
  • Team Leading

Prior Knowledge Requirement
This course is designed for experienced food safety professionals seeking an understanding of the management systems approach to food safety and the skills required to audit effectively against food safety management systems standards. It is not intended to be an implementer’s course, or one that will create an expert in food safety legislation, or one that will train to an acceptable level a student with no prior knowledge of the standard or of the food industry. Therefore, prior to attending this training course students must:

  •  Have experience of working within the food chain (refer ISO 22000 Figure1), preferably with an understanding of implementing or operating a  management system.Food Safety Management System
  • Have an understanding of relevant key food safety legislation (this may be
    specific to their food industry context and location)
  • Have an understanding of prerequisite programmes.
  • Have an understanding of Good Practice guides for Agriculture (GAP),
    Veterinary (GVP), Manufacturing (GMP), Hygiene (GHP), Production (GPP),
    Distribution (GDP) and/or Trading (GTP) depending on the segment of the
    food chain in which the student operates.
  • Have an understanding of the principles of HACCP as defined by the Codex

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